How long until the 74th BPSA Annual Conference starts?

Annual Conference 2016 – CARDIFF UNIVERSITY

Grab your bags, and your love for pharmacy, and head to the capital city of Wales for the next BPSA Annual Conference.

Every year, the BPSA invite pharmacy students, pre-registration trainees and past BPSA members to their penultimate week, packed with debates, informative talks, workshops and seven nights of fantastic evening events, including the BPSA Annual Charity Ball.

As events are planned and rooms are booked, we will keep you updated so you are ready for the best week at #BPSA74AC.

Why should I go?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Become an active member of the pharmacy profession? Annual Conference is your chance to do all these things. It doesn’t matter what year you are in, or what you want to do after graduation, Annual Conference has something to offer for everyone. Come and get involved, show your passion for pharmacy, and meet people who share the same interest.

Top Cardiff Reasons to come to BPSA74AC

Have we not convinced you already? Read our top CARDIFF reasons for why you should join us this year:

CHARITY BALL - this year’s BPSA ball is to raise money for the fabulous charity PHARMACIST SUPPORT.

A variety of different talks, workshops, and a chance to meet future employees at MedEx.

REPRESENT - not only your pharmacy school, but over 14.500 different pharmacy students.

DEBATES - Have a hot topic you want to discuss? Put forward your pharmacy views and get your voice heard!

INSPIRATIONAL - plenty of opportunities and development throughout the week, all while gaining PDS points.

FRIENDS - whether you’ve met before, or this is the first time, Annual Conference creates friends for life.

FUN FUN FUN - Package 1 and 2 includes all evening activities and events, including the charity ball and RPS dinner.

Video of why to come to #BPSA74AC

If all that still hasn't persuaded you, have a look at this years Annual Conference video!


We know how hard it is to revise for exams, and that the last weeks before your exams are crucial, BUT we believe that this shouldn't stop you from going to Annual Conference.

Create a revision timetable once you have decided to join us, and make sure you plan your time before and after the conference efficiently. The week will be packed with events, so time to revise will be very limited but if you have any questions, feel free to email the Annual Conference Organisers.

Time management skills at their best, another quality to add to your CV!

The Week

All events are still a secret! Keep up to date on Twitter and Facebook!

Want to tell us what you want to see at Annual Conference? Connect with us on Twitter using the hashtag #BPSA74AC.